We have made some MORE progress in our new building! I am so excited to see the milk house and milking area take shape! Jason has worked SO hard to make dairying with goats as easy as possible. He even tracked down a pump and milking equipment. I currently milk by hand as I am not milking enough does to justify using the pump.

We had TRIPLETS born February 19th. Seeing brand new life never gets old!  We have two more does expecting and I will be happy when the next few weeks are over.

The cold temperatures have proved a little bit of a challenge for us this winter. We are used to the changes of temperature living in the great state of OHIO brings. We are NOT however, used to Minnesota!  I am hoping that all the sub-zeros are gone from our forecast. 

I do appreciate snow along with the cold. It makes a great insulator for the barn! You just gotta get out there and shovel it up against the sides!  Jason and the boys were happy because we finally were able to use the blade for our 165 gas Massey Ferguson tractor. 

I am currently tossing around the idea of starting a snail mail newsletter for KIDS! It would probably be 3 or 4 times a year and include the more fun/interesting things that happen here on Hostone Farm! I would love some feedback on this idea