Today in my attempt to feed my children more "real" food, I altered one of our favorite pancake recipes.  I mixed up 1C oat flour, 1tsp baking powder, 1/2tsp baking soda, 1/4tsp sea salt, 1/8C raw honey, 1C milk 2TBS coconut oil, and 1 egg! They liked it better than the old recipe!

I really do love honey and we use it for nearly everything. We use it as a sweetener, as a facial cleanser...I encourage you to Google all the wonderful uses of RAW honey!

We will be getting an early start to the morning as we are loading up our first farm raised hog for slaughter. I am hoping to be able to have some pictures to post tomorrow of our triumph or, most, likely, our folly.
My husband and I will blog various things based on our various daily happenings on the farm. Mine will probably be more  animal and children related where his will probably be more finances and planning related.

Progress is an ever evolving goal here on Hostone Farm.  Progress this weeks is related to our new building and getting the stalls goat ready! Winter is coming and we are  really looking forward to having our kids born in a draft free barn!
My husband picked up the lumber today so he is really serious about getting to work on that!
I will begin to post pictures of the daily happenings as I have them too! There have been talks about a mini donkey joining our organized chaos! We shall see!